How nice it is when church members who are enthusiastic about missions meet and are interested in the topic of GOD’S END TIME STRATEGY. How wonderful it is to experience that we have projects in Switzerland that want our ASI support and still get it, because many church members take their job seriously to prepare their fellow human beings for Jesus’ return.

Dear church member

Don’t you agree that it is high time to support and help one another, to separate ourselves from the world, to focus on spiritual values and to allow Jesus more into our personal lives. HE is the only one who can really change us deep down. Nobody knows how much time everyone still has available for this most important of all preparations.

Let’s encourage and encourage one another to make this year a new start in relationship with Jesus. Let’s take time for our most important of all relationships. HE wants to make us strong and happy.

The church members and ASI members present supported the projects so generously that the amount of CHF 22,000 was reached, which was necessary to fully relieve all mission projects financially. May the Lord richly bless all these donors.

Projects were:

Prophecy Expo –  Öpfucurve (bistro) –  Sonnmatt Health Center – Geneva Parish School

If you know of a missionary project that could need financial help, please contact [email protected]

God bless you
Ernst Zwiker