ASI has a keen interest in good projects and would like to support projects with the following characteristics:





The following projects have been supported in the past:

We were allowed to accommodate some guests who had no or not enough money. When a guest comes to us, seeds of the gospel are sown. For example, we were allowed to:

– take in a new convert whose wife has thrown him out on the streets indefinitely. He learned about the Advent message and was particularly interested in living out faith as a family.

– A NewstartPlus treatment participant could not afford the treatment. She was in a difficult family situation and was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease. She is an evangelical theologian and had many questions about the Adventist faith. Another course participant was a Catholic pastor and so there were good conversations and Bible studies.

– An Adventist with alcohol problems and psychological difficulties was able to take part in our hiking week and was able to recharge his batteries.

– There are always short visitors who have questions about the holistic health concept of the Adventists. So there are always good conversations.


Thanks to the donations, we were able to finance a large part of the expenses for the prophecy expo, especially large biblical exhibits. They form a central part of the exhibition, which can now be borrowed for film events, lectures, open days, etc. by the DSV communities and in German-speaking countries. The first assignments in Eastern Switzerland were promising and led to many discussions and contacts.

Thanks to donations from ASI-CH, ÖPFUKURVE was able to realize the following:

– A window has been installed next to the main entrance to the store to better display and illuminate the goods for sale.
– There were new tables and chairs for the beautiful garden terrace under the plane trees.
– Homemade delicacies can now be better presented in a refrigerated display case.


Adventist International School of Geneva is very grateful to ASI and its members for their financial support. We keep school fees as low as possible because we want to give children from less financially privileged families the opportunity to know, love, and serve their Savior. The donations are used to cover costs and to support parents who are unable to pay the school fees. Our school is a missionary center where children and adults (parents) encounter and grow in God.


Funds are collected for the projects at the annual conference. Register by the end of August so that we can consider your project at the next conference.

Please read the Policy before registering the project. 

In order to be able to support several projects, we limit the amount per project to a maximum of CHF 10,000.


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