We were allowed to accommodate some guests who had no or not enough money. When a guest comes to us, seeds of the gospel are sown. For example, we were allowed to:

– take in a new convert whose wife has thrown him out on the streets indefinitely. He learned about the Advent message and was particularly interested in living out faith as a family.

– A NewstartPlus treatment participant could not afford the treatment. She was in a difficult family situation and was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease. She is an evangelical theologian and had many questions about the Adventist faith. Another course participant was a Catholic pastor and so there were good conversations and Bible studies.

– An Adventist with alcohol problems and psychological difficulties was able to take part in our hiking week and was able to recharge his batteries.

– There are always short visitors who have questions about the holistic health concept of the Adventists. So there are always good conversations.